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PROMOVE Cash Rebate amounts (effective for move-ins or invoices dated on or after April 2, 2019)

When you find an apartment through PROMOVE, you properly identify PROMOVE as the referral source (steps 1 & 2 above), the owner or manager of the property where you rent is responsible for paying PROMOVE a fee. After you report a valid lease to us via the Cash Rebate Claim form, PROMOVE invoices the property for our fee. Following payment made by the property to PROMOVE for leases of 6 months or longer, we are obligated to pay a cash rebate to you in an amount ranging from $50 to $200 based on your effective monthly rent as follows:

Effective Monthly Rent PROMOVE Cash Rebate
Less than $1,000 $50.00
$1,000-$1,499 $100.00
$1,500-$1,999 $150.00
$2,000 and up $200.00

If, for any reason, the property does not pay a fee to PROMOVE, then PROMOVE does not have an obligation to make a cash rebate payment to you.

When you will get your PROMOVE Cash Rebate...

Once you have submitted your cash rebate claim and moved into your apartment, you can expect your cash rebate payment pretty quickly. here's how the timing works:

  • As soon as your apartment property pays us, we pay you. Apartments generally pay us 30-120 days after you've moved in and you’ve met certain guidelines of your lease agreement, which include making timely rent payments.
  • The faster you claim your cash rebate, the faster we can get your invoice processed and get you paid.

The details you should know...

  • Your name must appear on the lease as an occupant of the apartment unit number you are claiming your cash rebate on.
  • Payment of your cash rebate claim is subject to a confirmation from the apartment property that the name on the cash rebate claim form is an occupant of the apartment.
  • Only one person occupying your apartment is eligible to get cash rebate from a single apartment lease. For example, if you and a roommate lease an apartment together, only one of you can claim the cash rebate. We’ll make the Cash Rebate payable to the primary name on the PROMOVE customer file unless that person authorizes payment to another occupant.
  • We can only mail your Cash Rebate to the address of your new apartment.
  • You cannot submit a claim for cash more than 30 days in advance of your move-in date.
  • We don’t pay cash rebates if your lease term is less than 6 months.

We love to pay CASH REBATES, but the apartment property will not pay PROMOVE and we cannot make a Cash Rebate payment to you if:

  • You already live at the apartment property or you are renewing your existing lease
  • You already have a relationship with the property or (in some cases) a related property that is managed or owned by the same company.
  • You are or have been employed by the apartment property or a related property
  • You identified a source other than PROMOVE as your referral to the property on any document or verbally to the property.
  • You have not fulfilled your lease obligations or you have not made timely rent payments.

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